Who We Are

NorCan Infinity - Overview

NorCan has evolved to an organization with approximately 500 employees providing a full spectrum of electrical and instrumentation services.
This growth is a result of the company focusing on working safely and providing an excellent service to all of our customers regardless of project size or value.
The management team of NorCan Electric Inc have developed excellent working relationships with suppliers and other service providers throughout their individual careers. These healthy relationships have allowed NorCan Electric Inc to become one of the leading electrical and instrumentation service providers in the region.

Quality Assurance

Our Commitment to Quality

We are a growing company with a clear future as one of Northern Alberta’s most respected, reliable and competitive electrical and instrumentation contractors. We are passionate about our business and we care about our people and community.

A key advantage that NorCan Electric offers all of their customers regardless of project size and complexity is that of our custom designed ERP solution. This ERP solution is specific to the electrical industry and was customized to meet our expectations. NorCan Electric Inc. takes great pride in their ability to report project costs, schedule and productivity factors for all of our clients. Our process allows all of our customers to have instant access to project budgets and progress. This has become an effective forecasting tool that provides increased visibility into job completion and supports NorCan Electric Inc’s accountability to customers while increasing efficiencies. Overall entry errors have been reduced by nearly 95% through the use of our process. Job progress, time entry and data throughput have increased by approximately 50%.

Our supervisory and management team are all long term key employees with our company. Many of these key personnel have been with us since inception. Over 75% of the core personnel have been with us since inception. They all believed in NorCan Electric’s culture and ability to provide world class service. These outstanding leaders are still with us today; providing world class electrical and instrument support.




We believe in leading by example, especially when it comes to safety and risk management.

The management of NorCan Electric Inc stands behind each and every employee in their pursuit of safety excellence as we all collectively strive for a zero incident workplace.

NorCan Electric Inc. Is pre-qualified with CanQual, ISNet and PICS.

NorCan Electric Inc subscribes to the following key principles:

  • All incidents are preventable
  • A safe workplace is a productive workplace
  • Working safely is a condition of employment
  • Health, Safety and the Environment is everyone’s responsibility

We must consider the health, safety and environment in every decision we make, and in every activity we perform. NorCan Electric Incorporated cares about the health and safety of our coworkers, their families, our community, and our customers.


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